About Us


5-star hotel

Vertu is an upper-upscale hotel for a fashionable and established traveler. It breathes lifestyle concept and high-end technology within the lobby area.

Vertu Hotel also offers unique experiences, where the service is attentive and personalized inside our stylishly spacious room, along with our 24/7 Vertu Personal Assistant (VPA) mobile application to enhance your stay experiences.



Senses of Vertu

Immerse your senses in our "The Joy of Life" aroma throughout the hotel and our amenities, crafted with a blend of vanilla, calla lily, and orange flavors, while you can also indulging your taste with our culinary journey from around the world, all-day at the "Voyage" restaurant. No need to hassle as our "Muse" will be at your service for an unforgettable and joyful stay. Be sure to have a "Joyful Dreams" stay by our sumptuous linens and tailored fit mattress. Vertu also serenades the blue notes of Jazz infused musical ambiance to delight you throughout your breaks while we promoting local and international artists by engaging communities related to Jazz music and fashion events.