Taste the Journey


Take yourself on a voyage (journey) of taste. Walk around the premises to find the best food for your current crave. We have Western section, Asian section, Pastry, Beverages and Wine area. All the food are crafted by our accomplished chefs to be healthy but still delightful and energizing. While enjoying your food, you will be entertained with the live cooking show of our chefs.


Grab ‘N Go Store


Vfresh is an open booth store selling fresh food to be eaten on-the-go. The variety starts from light food like fruits, yoghurt and salad to sandwich and Bao Pao. Refreshing beverages such as infused water, iced tea and coffee can also be bought in Vfresh. Take a seat if you want to enjoy the bought goods immediately. Fun Vertu merchandise are also available in Vfresh.


Secondary F&B Outlet


This outlet offers a local food and all the manning & equipments must be provided by third party..