At HARRIS Hotel Vertu Harmoni, how the food looks is as important as how it tastes. We are all devoted to delivering the Wow Effect even before the food reaches your lips.


Executive Lounge

The comfortable atmosphere and attractive interior make the HARRIS Vertu Harmoni Executive Lounge one of the facilities that quite luxurious. You can also enjoy Jakarta City's spectacular 'view' from the 27th floor of the Executive Lounge. In fact, if the weather is sunny, you can see with ships anchored in Jakarta Bay.



Take yourself for a Voyage (journey) of taste. Hang around the alleys and choose what fits your instant crave, be it Western or Asian style. Luscious pastries, a large range of beverages or a glass of wine are all there, waiting for your grasp. Voyage in HARRIS Vertu Harmoni has a selection of Western food, Asian cuisine, local delicacies, bread & pastry, wine, fruit and yoghurt.