National Monument
National Monument, or Monas (an abbreviation of Monumen Nasional), is a structure inspired by the traditional tool to grind rice. It is topped with a 38 kilograms of gold made in the shape of a burning fire, which symbolize Indonesian people’s spirit to develop the country as a sign of gratitude for the independence that were reached.
The 132 meters monument was opened in 1961. Surrounding the monument is 80 acres of open space where people can jog or just enjoy the scenery. Monas has three levels, which are the yard, the base and the peak. The ticket to access these levels is very affordable, and since 2016 the monument is open for night visit.
To wait for your turn to go through the levels, Monas offers a diorama museum of Indonesia’s history. The museum is located in the basement of the monument and the description is in Indonesian and English languages.